Issue 1
Treblinka (SWE)
Obliveon (CAN)

Massacra (FRA)
Mortem (PER)
Invocator (DEN)
Exterminio (BRA)
Leprocy (CAN)

Issue 2
Mayhem (NOR)
Denial of God (DEN)
Cianide (USA)
Macabre (USA)
Prime Evil (USA)
Emperor (NOR)
Disgrace (FIN)
Deadly Dislocated (FRA)
Spinefarme Records (FIN)
Warmaster Records (COL)

Issue 3
Ancient Rites (BEL)
Aghast (NOR)
Behemoth (POL)

Mortiis (NOR)
Katatonia (SWE)

Necromass (ITA)
Pazuzu (AUT)

Penitent (NOR)

Issue 4
Summoning (AUT)
Impaled Nazarene (FIN)

Deinonychus (HOL)
Ataraxia (ITA)

Cernunnos Woods (USA)
The Soil Bleeds Black (USA)
Malicious Records (GER)

Issue 5
Blood Axis (USA)
Lord Belial (SWE)

Limbonic Art (NOR)
Evol (ITA)

Eisenwinter (SWI)
Acheron (USA)
Choronzon (USA)

Issue 6
Apollyon (DEN)

Abigor (AUT)
Azazel (USA)
Changes (USA)
Dødheimsgard (NOR)
Disforterror (BRA)
Enochian Crescent (FIN)
Enthroned (BEL)
Hecate Enthroned (ENG)
Maniac Butcher (CZE)
Noctes (SWE)
Peter Gilmore (USA)
Puissance (SWE)
Turbund Sturmwerk (GER)


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