The Danish black metal band Apollyon was formed in 1992. They recorded a demo called “Creators of Evil Thoughts” that  year and  released in January of 1993. In May of 1993 they recorded a second demo, featuring 2 new songs of slow and melancholic black metal. In 1994, the member Diabolos left the band, but he was replaced by Sorg, and Korihor on bass.

This new lineup recorded a new demo entitled Troldeskovens Aander including 2 songs plus an intro. Shortly after this release Korihor had to leave the band and was replaced by Azter (know from DENIAL OF GOD). Apollyon played several gigs with this line up until Azter left the band. The band continued their work, and a few months later  Vrykolatios joined them on vocals.

In November they recorded a song Omnia in Majorem Diaboli Gloriam for “A Tribute to Hell” compilation CD (released by the North American label Fullmoon Prod.). The result was a deal with that label, recording their 1st  mini CD entitled “Diaboli Gratia”, which was released in May 99 (see the respective review).

Actually, they’re preparing their 1st full length album, to be released on FullMoon prod. as well. The music of Apollyon can be described as an aggressive and yet melodic form of black metal, with poetic lyrics, some of them taken from the works of the English poet Lord Byron.

I contacted  Sorg, who answered  the next interview:

Psicoterror: Probably you have answered this question before, but I’ll formulate it again anyway: Why did you choose the poems of Lord Byron as an objetive part of your lyrical concept? In which way does his writings symbolize your thoughts? Please explain.

Apollyon: The Universe of Byron fits perfectly to Apollyon because of the deep despair and the depressive atmosphere they describe.

Also we, as persons are very fascinated by Byron, so it was a natural thing to do. But it’s not a concept album, it’s more of a coincidence that we have used two of his works on the mini.

His symbolism is indeed the way we feel about this filthy planet and it’s maggot men.  

Psicoterror: Would you consider yourself to be a Satanist or just a “gothic-type” of  “Satanist”? I mean, do you take the satanic conceptions just to illustrate your music in a “romantic” way, (I make this question because of the Lord Byron’s Lyrics) or do you take seriously  Satanism as a philosophy?

Apollyon: First of all, Apollyon has always been, and will always continue to be a satanic band.

Everything we do is done to serve and praise our Lord Satan only!!

We take Satanism very seriously both as a philosophy and as a religion, in the rites and rituals that we conduct ourselves. We are all Satanists in Apollyon, and also our session members will have to be Satanists.  

Psicoterror: There are many people who say lately, that the black metal scene has corrupted itself, and that only the “trendy” and “commercial” bands use keyboards and female voices- and they say, that black metal music should be primitive and violent. What do you have to say about these statements, considering the fact that Apollyon uses this instrumentation?

Apollyon: We think that we have created something outstanding with our music, something that we’re very proud of. And still it is brutal/hateful and extreme. And that’s even though we use piano, violin and female vocals.

Actually, we don’t think very much of what often people say and do. It’s a question about taste, and therefore it can’t  be discussed. (ED: definitely).

I know that bands like Marduk think that the music should be purely guitar/bass/drums, and vox, but that’s their choice.

We would like to make our music special, thus we have to experiment with different things. I enjoy a lot of music styles and therefore the music becomes variable.

We believe that as long as the message is devoted to Satan, the music is black metal.  

Psicoterror: So, What do you think about bands like Cradle of Filth & Dimmu Borgir? As far as I know, they’re not very respected in the whole scene. What do you think are the reasons for this?

Apollyon: I think that Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth have chosen to do whatever it is they do on purpose. That’s ok. But somewhere they found out that they could make a lot of money on foolish teenage image and romantic dramatising of death and darkness.

I think that when you publish photos of yourself with Santa Claus Costume and corpse paint you cross the line of serious behaviour- you suck.

That’s what happened. They sold themselves for fame and profit, became musical prostitutes and lost their self will.  

Psicoterror: As a band, what does Apollyon  express with your music and whole lyrical approaching?

Apollyon: The whole idea/objective of Apollyon has always been to spread the Gospel of our Glorious Satan and to promote his glorious Infernal Kingdom both here on this earth and in Hell…for all the eternity. Also, Apollyon stands for massive death to mankind; thus, we praise war, disease, pollution, and catastrophes- anything which causes human misery. Hail Satan!  

Psicoterror: The Danish black metal bands seem to be very “conservative”, so to speak, about their personal image & photo sessions. And, as you may know, many modern bands are trying to avoid this, for example Dodheimsgard. These bands try to be “original”, but do you think that those attitudes are somehow positive for the future of black metal music? What do you think about this?

Apollyon: I think that the new wave of black metal is very great, more extreme and psychotic, and I think that this new wave of electronic and metal mix is definitely here to stay.

But, still a lot of bands such as Darkthrone will continue to make their unholy, dirty black metal. I think that in a near future we will see a lot of different types of black metal. But traditional black metal will always survive and be here.

And concerning the Danish black metal scene, there is no scene. The only danish black metal is Denial of God, Nortt, B. Pest, Strychnos and Blazing Eternity. That’s  all. The rest are simply nothing but kids trying to rip off Darkthrone and Satyricon, which they’re not able to do due to lack of talent.  

Psicoterror: Do you have any problems in Denmark due to your music or attitudes against Christianity? What do the society think about black metal music & Satanism in general, being the danish society very open-minded ?

Apollyon: Denmark is a very liberal country so we don’t have problems with the christians. There is only a few christians who babble us in the media. But it’s really nothing at all. Of course people get often upset by our message and  the way we look and behave, but they are just worthless  better of  not noticed.  

Psicoterror: For you, mention to us your  most respected bands of today? Both musically and conceptually?

Apollyon: I could not mention just one band because we listen to a lot of great bands. But, of course bands like Darkthrone, Mayhem, Destruction, Slayer ,Merciful Fate, Gehenna. I could go on. I personally like Sigh, MORTEM, Krisiun, Tartaros, Centurian. Because of their extreme satanic message, also Horna of Finland is really great. But I also listen to a lot of electronic and Industrial music such as In Slaughter Natives, Skinny Puppy, Leatherskin, Protagonist and Puissance. Because of the dark and depressive atmosphere.  

Psicoterror: Why did you choose to work with Full Moon Productions?

Apollyon: FMP is clearly the best label for Apollyon because of their dedication to their work. It seems that they’re fully into their beliefs of  Satanism  also. They are a Satanic Label. And so far they have treated us well. We’ve had total support from them.  

Psicoterror: What kind of critics received your mini CD “Diaboli Gratia”?

Apollyon: So far we have only got positive critics so that’s as good as it can be.  

Psicoterror: Please give to us your personal definition of Satanism (and now let’s read the cliche answer).

Apollyon: I don’t think that my personal definition of Satanism is for the public to know because I have always thought that beliefs are a very personal thing but…I don’t think that you become to be a Satanist by reading books about it, it’s something you have to find out for yourself and then read about the beauty that can be found in Satan’s Darkness.  

Psicoterror: Future Plans for Apollyon, gigs, etc.?

Apollyon: Our next release will be a full length called “Brainstone Symphony No. 666”.

I really don’t know when we’ll be playing live because we have had a lot of problems with rehearsal rooms and stuff like that.  

Psicoterror: Last words…

Apollyon: Accept the Darkness and devote your life to HIM!!!

I suggest you all to check out their releases, because this band is very recommendable. Write to Full Moon Prod. for more details.

If  you’re interested, write them to (enclosing of course one IRC or US$2 for a sure reply):


c/o R. Joergensen

Marsvej 8

8723 Loesning