TEnochian Crescent interested me since the release of their infamous debut album on Woodcut Rec. They were agressive, fast, eccentric, and showed an intelligent and profound  proposal,  which was untypical between the common black metal bands.  They have released the following productions so far:

- Anno Bastardi promotape ’96.

- Telocvovim CD on Woodcut rec. (Finland 1997).

- Babalon Patralx de Telocvovim MCD on Avantgarde rec (Italy 1998)

- Blackened Rainbow/Throes of Dawn Mcd Comp. on Woodcut rec. 1998.

- Omega Telocvovim CD on Avantgarde rec. (Italy 1999).

 This new album presents a new line-up, and was recorded in the remembered Finish studio Tico Tico, used aswell by the well known band Impaled Nazarene. The drummer, Generis plays also in the band …And Oceans.

Enochian Crescent have gained notoriety with their live-shows, which have been banned from many places.

They say also, that Enochian Crescent is not afraid to let sheer musicianship take away when needed, instead of hiding incompetence behind a wall of noise, either. And that phenomenon  is very common in the “resurgent” black metal bands of today.

drakh Wrath: “Formed in the summer of ’95a.b. by Victor and I, to inherit the empty throne of the most morbid and devoted Black Metal band.”

Victor: “Wrath does the screaming and my task is to play the guitar.

Rest of this unearthly outfit are: Michael - Guitar, Harald -Basstortion, Grief - Battery.

We have released 3 albums so far. For more info go to our website at http://www.enochian-crescent.com

I contacted Enochian Crescent, specifically drakh wrath & Victor, their founders, who answered the following interview: 

Psicoterror:  I’ve read your lyrics, and I think they’re more orientated to occultism instead of the common cliche of “devil worship” used  in black metal. That moves me to formulate the next question:

What do you think about those bands who sing about the  Christian concept of “Devil worshipping” instead of focusing in a real  satanic philosophy? Do you find these actions somewhat  negative for the development of the whole black metal movement?

drakh Wrath: “REAL Satanic philosophy? What is REAL Satanism to you? Church of Satan-Satanism, OSV (ED: Ordo Sinistra Vivendi)-Satanism or perhaps something else? (ED: It’s just a matter of personal taste, personally I consider the C.O.S satanism. The point here is not falling into  the usual black metal cliche of “medieval Christian propaganda” definition of satanism, or the Christian-based concept of  Devil worshipping).

I prefer to draw pieces from Sumerians, Enochian philosophy and of course from Finnish mythology, and pervert them with my own vileness. At least, all of them were there before the xtians had spread their plague all over the world.

I have absolutely nothing against the so called Devil worshippers, if  they base their beliefs and practises on the aforementioned philosophies for example. If they instead base their beliefs and practises on the xtian propaganda of the middle ages, it’s a highly different matter and thus would be a very idiotic thing to do. Wouldn’t you concur? (ED: Yes, but the sad reality is the phenomenon you’re describing  here, as a matter of fact)”.

Victor: “I write lyrics that are meant as thought-fodder. I don´t care about direct expression, I want to hide the meanings behind symbolism and metaphores. Most of my texts are based on experiences and visions that are channeled to paper through occult practises. They are personal and universal at the same time. We humans are all conjoined in subconcious levels, thus we recognize even stranger things by instinct if we happen to stumble upon them.”

Psicoterror: Do you think that the Black Metal music could be a source for a serious  interest on the subject of  Satanism for an individual? So, what is the  position of Enochian Crescent about this subject?

drakh Wrath: “Of course it could be (and in some cases it is) such a source. But too many of the so called Black Metal bands consist of  teenagers, people who actually don’t have a slightest clue what Satanism is about or people who pose with Satanic images although they don’t truly believe in them (ED: That is entirely true- and for the readers: does any of this sound familiar?). And what does it tell, when many of the so called Satanists all of a sudden turn into odinists or whatever? Perhaps they were never really serious about it in the first place. And so their teenage followers begin to question the whole thing; for example: “My idol Samoth says that Satanism is childish and odinism is true, so I guess it’s so.”. As Enochian Crescent we are here to show what Black Metal should be like and that it can be done seriously with a life-time devotion, intelligence and honour. And we will NEVER stray from this path! This is who we are, our lyrics and interviews are not just empty and meaningless words. It’s very easy to just write lyrics or read Satanic literature, but the true wisdom lies within the rituals. There are many who call themselves Satanists, but how many there are of those who actually live like a Satanist and practise the rites. Remember; Satanism demands study AND worship. When the true worshipper burns his throat with the burning elixir of Hell, he does not scream nor ask for mercy. Instead he calmly says: “Sir, may I have another?”

Psicoterror:  What can you tell us about the thematic of your songs? Do you think that exist some recurrent thematic in which the band is focused?

drakh Wrath: “There are perhaps a five major elements we use in our lyrics; the Enochian mythology, olde Satanic philosophy, negative emotions, ritual magick and selftorture. The two latter ones are also the elements that are used WHEN WRITING the lyrics.”

Victor: “And additionally the music is composed to try and capture a mystic and disturbing aura into our output. Such a void that pesters the listener and won´t let them be at ease while listening.”

Psicoterror: I know that you’re experienced in Magick. Could you tell us your principal sources or preferences in this subject? Have you experimented with Enochian Magic, Pagan Rituals, Egyptian  traditions, Thelema, Witchcraft, etc.? Please Explain.

drakh Wrath: “Sumerian, Enochian and modern Satanic rituals + selftorture and sacrificial rites. That is all you need to know.”

Victor: “Ceremonial Magick for rituals. Yoga: Asana for the skrying positions and Pranayama for the breath and nervous control. I have tried out and studied various methods. Nowadays the blending of these two work best for me.”

Psicoterror:  As far as I know, your live shows have been banned, because of your extremism on stage. Could you tell us something about it? How do the  audience reacts at your performances?

drakh Wrath: “At the infamous Emperor support gig in Tavastia I sliced a 5 centimeter wide wound into my right arm, and by doing so I severed an artery, the muscle of my thumb and a few sinews. At other gigs I have cut my left arm (the photo showing the wounds can be found behind the lyrics of Grey Skin on the booklet of Omega Telocvovim), drunk blood, burned myself with candlewax or get whipped by the ominous mr. Litmanen of  Babylon Whores.

I don’t really know how the audience reacts to our performances, because the whole live performance of ours is like a ritual, which draws me into a trance like state. Although I remember one thing from our latest gig 1 and half year ago; I had blood on my hands and the people in the front of the stage fought with each other to get some of the blood into their faces. They were like sharks on their feeding frenzy.”

Psicoterror:  What kind of musical & conceptual differences do you find between your demo “Anno Bastardi” & your new album “OMEGA TELOCVOVIM”? Do you think that by making your music even more melodic (and experimental) now you have evolved somehow? Why?

drakh Wrath: “More melodic? If you’ll listen again all our products you’ll notice that product after product our music has turned more and more brutal and morbid without forsaking the melodies. (ED: That’s  the point I’m trying to reach to!. Although there are no major contrasts between your releases, certain differences can be found in the melodic & experimentative fields , but not in the aggressivity EXPRESSED with the music, now that’s the point of the question)”

Victor: “We have been getting sicker by every release (ED: definitely). It is not anti-music, though, but an intelligently composed roar of elektrical noise that ravages not only your ears, but the body and mind as well.”

Psicoterror: What do you think of the actual 3rd black metal wave, which shows  pre-arranged “evil” images & soft music for children? In other words: What do you think about the actual black metal “market”?

drakh Wrath: “Once it was truly Evil, now it just desperately tries to be.”

Psicoterror: Why did you choose Avantgarde as your record label? What kind of facilities do you receive from them in order to expand your music & live shows?

drakh Wrath: “Avantgarde is one of the true underground record labels left, alongside with Necropolis. Money for recording has been enough for our needs, unlike with our previous label.”

Psicoterror:  Please tell us something about the actual development of your side-projects.

drakh Wrath: “I have no sideprojects, (ED: Obviously this question was directed to Grief because of  his band …And Oceans)   instead I have Black Dawn which was formed in the beginning of ’92a.b. and has done 4 demotapes so far.

In April ’00a.b. Black Dawn will record a debut album for Necropolis records. All other members of Black Dawn (Grief, Gaunt and Anzhaar) play nowadays also in …and Oceans + Gaunt is in Rotten Sound with our former drummer Generis.”

Psicoterror:  How big is Christianity in Finland as a social phenomenon?

drakh Wrath: “It’s a state religion here, like everywhere else in Scandinavia. It’s everywhere, even at home you cannot avoid it, which tends to be VERY irritating.”

Victor: “And we are the vomit on god’s table... they are an abomination to us and likewise.”

Psicoterror:  Have you faced any kind of critics or censorship because of your liveshows, which are very extreme, or statements made on your albums?

drakh Wrath: “A lot. The xtians even try to stop supermarkets from selling our records. One particular xtian travels from school to school to preach his anti-Enochian Crescent propaganda. I heard from one the students that in his school this xtian preacher even played his own mockery version of our song Black Flame of Satan Burning. The funny thing is that he has to pay us the royalties for playing our song.”

Psicoterror:  What can you tell us about the actual finnish scene? What are your favorite & serious finnish acts and why? What do you think about Impaled  Nazarene?

drakh Wrath: “There is no scene, just a few individuals scattered around Finland. I have a some kind of contact with Kyprian’s Circle, Thyrane, Flauros, Babylon Whores, …and Oceans, Rotten Sound and Throes of Dawn. I have no special favourites in Finland, although certain Warloghe intrigues me in some level.

Impaled Nazarene has bored me since their debut album.”

Victor: “Additionally Funeris Nocturnum is a promising new band.”

Psicoterror:  Future plans for Enochian Crescent? Are you planning to play in Europe?

drakh Wrath: “Time shall tell. We don’t plan anything, except that we will not play live ever again, unless our needs are satisfied totally. And even if they are, it’s still VERY unlikely to happen.”

Psicoterror:  Last words for our readers...

drakh Wrath: “Conscience is the invention of jews, it’s as disfiguring as the circumcision.” -Adolf  Hitler.

Victor: “Thank you for the interview. Support personal gratification and Worship the Black Goat of the Woods!”

Ok, I think that this interview was self-explanatory and very ilustrative. I hope that you’ll agree with me about this. If you want to contact Enochian Crescent, just write to the next address: (please enclose US $2 or IRC for reply).

Drakh Wrath
Varisselänkatu 39 A 31
65200 Vaasa