The following is a biography hand-written by Silenius Gregor (1996 aprox):

“Summoning was formed about three years ago by Protector and me. In that time we had a drummer called Trifixion whom we later kicked out of the band. Before Summoning, Protector was playing in a kind of “old fashioned” Thrash band that nearly got a record deal by Peaceville. But in that time the band broke up.

With Summoning we made two demos and some promotapes which we sent to some record companies. The demos sold quite well in a record shop in Vienna called “Why Not” (where the guys from Pungent Stench used to work just if you are interested). Sometime later I got in contact with T.T from Abigor who made an interview with for the local fanzine TAUB (which was my first interview by the way).

We talked a lot, and he told me that he wanted to form a band of his own, and gave me a tape with only some riffs included. That was the birth of Abigor. We kept the contact and later I replaced Rune (now singer of Amestigon) and did all vocals for the Abigor Releases (except the demos), now as a permanent Abigor member.

As we recorded the first Abigor Album for the young Napalm rec (label I got in touch with Max from Napalm). We handled a deal for Summoning and soon our debut Lugburz was released. After the recording we kicked out Trifixion, who turned out to be a commercial thinking asshole. We did not want to get a new drummer and so continued working with medieval and bombastic keyboard Percussion sounds. The result can be heard in Minas Morgul. This album is totally influenced by Tolkien’s saga of the Middle Earth.

Our next release Dol Guldur will be released in the end of 1996 and will be a follow up to Minas Morgul, musical and lyricalwise. So wait and see”.

I got in touch with Silenius during 1996 and before the release of their “Dol Guldur” album. He answered the following interview:

Psicoterror: What’s the musical concept used by the band and your musical infleunces?

Silenius: Well, the lyrical and musical concept behind Summoning is based on Middle Earth, the mind world created by Tolkien, dealing with descriptions of landscapes, battles and great events of Tolkien’s books just like “Lord of the Rings” or “The Silmarillion”.

My musical influences are lots of metal bands from the 80’s just like Manilla Road, Cirith Ungol, Sacrilege and of course Bathory. Nowadays I just listen to Dark Wave and Ritual music just like Quntal, Sopor Aeternus, Shinjuku Thief, just to mention a few and of course everything from the Swedish cult label Cold Meat Industries.

Psicoterror: About your lyrics: they are exclusively influenced by Tolkien’s work. How come? Are you interested in other writers as well?

Silenius: We have chosen to take lyrics from Tolkien’s world, first of all because I always was a great fan of his literature, second because we wanted to do something different  from Abigor and third because we thought it could fit perfectly to the monumental and bombastic song structures of our band. Of course I like other authors too, for example E.R. Eddison.

Psicoterror: And btw, what do you think about Abigor?

Silenius: Meanwhile Abigor is the most well known band from Austria that’s because T.T and P.K have strong characters and the will and talent to express themselves, musically and lyrically. I’m proud to join the mighty Abigor horde.

Psicoterror: What can you tell us about the Austrian scene nowadays? Is there any support towards BM besides the Austrian Black Metal S.?

Silenius: Austria has a very small but well known scene with  a high level of quality I think! Besides our own bands and projects like Abigor, Summoning, Pazuzu and Die Verbannten Kinder Evas we have new talented bands like Amestigon  (with ex- Abigor singer Rune), Angizia and Golden Dawn. Besides that we have some interesting ritual bands like Allerseelen and The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud.

Psicoterror: Why did you choose Napalm rec. As the label for Summoning?

Silenius: We have chosen Napalm rec. Because first of all it’s an Austrian label and so it makes a lot of things easier for us, communication etc.

Second because it has a good distribution and third because Max and Karl from Napalm are good friends of mine and I have all the musical liberty I wanted.

Psicoterror: Do you think that the black metal maffia was a trend trying to copy the Norwegian “terrorism”?

Silenius: If you mean the German Black Metal Maffia I don’t think so, although there were always some idiots and posers around just like in any other country.

Psicoterror: What do you think about the following topics: love, politics in Black Metal, suicide?

Silenius: I really try to avoid all of your mentioned topics.

Psicoterror: Are you involved in  some type of magical / satanic organisation – is the Austrian black metal also involved?

Silenius: I just can only talk of myself, and as I’m used to make my way alone because 99,9% of my fellowmen are getting on my nerves I’m not involved in any organisation anymore.

Psicoterror: What do you know about Peru?

Silenius: Honestly, nothing.

Psicoterror: Future plans...

Silenius: The new Summoning album “Dol Guldur” will be released in November and will continue where Minas Morgul has ended. Further a Summoning video clip is going to be made in England.

Psicoterror: Last words...

Silenius: Up the Banners!

The old contact is no longer valid!